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I enjoyed this travel through a white land, and especially the prince on the white horse, carrying the princess to a white house with a white picket fence… that really made me smile! :) Your ending warmed my heart!
A great poem! Having read your wonderful descriptions, I realise how much 'I like white' too! Really love your last verse.
Very sweet! Would be lovely illustrated.
Very vivid imagery!
I love the unexpected rhymes - like "buffalo" and "anemone". A wonderful tribute to "white", perfectly metered. :)
So much fun to read. Very strong on topic, and beautifully written, too. What more could you ask for?
You're just too good at this. One of the reasons I hesitate to ever write poetry. I can't compete. Please, tell me you are putting all these in a book and publishing it. It'd be a sin not to.

I agree that these all need to be in a book! Such a colorful world you've created in this all-white landscape--how'd you do that?! Beautiful imagery, as always.
Oh hon, this is beautiful. I love it! Congratulations on your win to.:0)
Oh, Verna! What a wonderful and delightful excursion into your fanciful world of white! I loved it! Each of your poems are such gems. They have that air of simple, almost childlike beauty that is so appealing. Every poet knows, though, how very difficult it is to capture that style effectively. You are a master at it! Congratulations, my friend!
So beautiful and pure...CONGRATULATIONS!
Beautiful, with a nice pace and phrases that made me smile. Let's celebrate with some white chocolate. ;)
Congrats to you AND the princess, Verna! I'm very excited for you! :)
Congratulations, Verna!!! Love your poems always.
I love your shy, sweet poetry that reminds me of you. And, your gentle message at the end wraps it all up so well. Great writing, friend! Congratulations, too.
Wonderful writing through a white, white world! Congratulations!
Ahhhhh, wonderful thoughts and word pictures. I especially liked how you fit white anemones in there, perfect rhythm and a favourite flower of mine!