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very fun! And such a good point Seth makes; if only more of us would put that belief into practice!
I liked the interaction between the sisters but if I had lost our money, I don't think food would be much on my mind. ugh:( lol. Very funny story and what a great host!
I love a fun story with a lesson to boot. Good job with the topic, too!
This is the kind of writing I love, and hope to learn from.
Just the perfect touch of humor. Great idea for the challenge.
I bet Chuck Norris would laugh out loud to read it.
I enjoyed the progression of this, and especially the picture of Chuck Norris in the wallet. :)
You have a "gift" for fun in your stories, and this one lives up to it! Your characters, especially old ladies, are delightful.
LOL That was a great read. I loved it. You really do have a gift for putting humor in your stories. And I personally know a couple of ladies that might try and pull that off. You do too. :)
So funny and sweet, and I love the way you presented the black family in non-stereotypical ways. Absolutely charming story!
Cute story! I could picture these two women. Very funny :)
This is priceless, from the photo of Churck Norris to the sweet nature of Seth. Excellent writing! And what a great story! Laura
I just loved this and was laughing out loud the whole time. Thanks for a "light-hearted" piece with a nice underlying message.
Great work with the dialogue and an excellent message. And did I mention that I love barbeques, even reading about them make me drool. Very nice work!
The dialogue was very well constructed. I liked the way you showed the character of Seth through his words. I am not sure how believable the scenario was, although hunger makes desperate people of us all!