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How right you are about heaven not having denominations--just Christians. Excellent point softly woven into this delicious piece.
Oh, the things we get upset about especially as parents. That subject(denominations) can be like pea soup sometimes, thick and yucky. And can make you feel a little green. LOL Enjoyed reading it.
So cleverly written - "controversial", yet doesn't offend anyone, AND connects with most everyone on some level. The kitchen action gave life to the dialog, and I had a movie playing in my head. I'd say this is masterful writing! Well done.
Would love my backslidden kids to go anywhere that's christian. But we christians have some bigotted ways. Thanks for this thought provoking piece. Very clear story not at all a pea-souper. Colin
What a lovely sermon you preached without climbing into the pulpit. Your message is clear, though wrapped in a delightful story.
What a great commentary on the "us and them" problem with the Church, and told in such a non-preachy way with a much needed side of funny. Wonderfully written. :)
Very well done. A real slice of life. What good sisters!
I may go do some therapy myself!
Good commentary subtly presented. Aren't we Christians somethin'? Guess we've all been there....
Oh, I'd love to show this to my parents, who had even stronger reactions when my adult children chose a different denomination!
I do some of best meditating when I'm cooking. Great thought provoker. How many of us fail to get close to God because we're hung up on denominations? Thanks for this unique perspective.
Makes me want to have a sister (and not just because she'll cook for me when she's stressed out!). Excellent message tucked in here amidst the giggles. Well done.
Good humor, better lesson, well done!
I love the relationship of these three sisters. Great story with a wonderful message!
I love how you interwove the story and the cooking lesson. Well done!
This is such a good story. I think this is such an issue too..Sometimes we get so caught up in "religion" that we miss the point. Great story!!