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Whimsical and entertaining. Great ending.
Charmin', simply charmin'! Well-written, creative, fun. I liked the name of the oaf, too. Hopefully he'll live up to it now.
This was so playful and fun; dare I say..."cute". I got several good chuckles from the Irish stereotypes, too. Lol.
I'd be a thinkin' that the lovely Bridget counts her lucky stars every night!
Sly ole Paddy has a heart of pure gold.Great Fun in Green.
Fun, fun, fun! Love the clever ending.
Ahhh!!! A missionary Leprechaun! I'd venture to say this angle has never been pursued. How original!

There are two commas I think might not be necessary. :)

Very Green, very fun, and when the Leprechaun heard, "Dude..." I about choked on my supper. :) LOVE it!
A cute story and wonderful dialect. Leprechaun horror movies...hmmm.
Enjoyed this, that is near to home. Good bit of Irish humour. Sad about the potato famine though - feel ashamed of that.

I loved it all the way through...never knew where it was going to take me, but I liked the trip and the end, too.
Wonderfully written and a super creative take on the topic. I, too, chuckled when Paddy was called "Dude!" Great job!
laughed all the way to the ending! as usual, great writing.
Found you and just laughed and laughed all the way through. This is outstanding.
Dude, this was a good one. Loved the characters and the adoring leprechaun husband.
Me thinks you've found gold with this writing. It's a winner, sure e'nuff.
Cute! I've never seen the world though the eyes of a leprechaun before. Great job, felt like I was right by Paddy's side :-)
I love your air of mystery. I wondered what Paddy was up to:) What a very green story - you clearly hit the topic this week, I'd say - lol.
What an original and humorous take on the topic! Loved it!
Irish I could wite like you can, Jan. Very funny, with a lilting style which never brogue down at any point and a terrific twist at the end.
As always, well done.
Am I the only one who caught it? The last referal to the character SAGE was called SETH.