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This was cute and entertaining as you kept the Wizard of Oz theme growing. The ending made me smile. Thanks.
OOOOO, love this:) I love the Wizard of Oz. This was very cute and entertaining.
With the first paragraph or two I thot this might have a Wizard of Oz flavor & it didn't disappoint me. Great job! Excellent connection to the topic. (Plus I love Seattle!)
Love it!
This is a lovely and fresh story - very interesting. Enjoyed!

This was a lot of fun...loved the MC, and all the Oz connections. I am guessing this was a blast to write! Tee hee!
I don't see how this could have been better! I loved it - wish I'd thought of it!! Very cool, very well put together, excellent characters and dialog. Just great!
I found you and I enjoyed reading this so much. Great characters, great connection with the Wiz and the topic.
What an imagination! This will definitely score high on the "creative" scale. I was compelled to follow the yellow brick road to the end of this story, and I found a treasure. :)
I told you it was good! LOL:)
I LOVE this. So cute, and the ending is perfect. Congratulations on your well-deserved win.
Awesome story! I love all the references to OZ...

Congratulations on 1st place EC!! Woohoo!
I love it! Congrats on the great win!
Brave of you to lean on something so well-known as the Wizard of Oz, while keeping enough lightness to ensure a surprise in the ending.
Great sense of feeling that plumbs adolescent volatility - lifeless boredom one minute, and energy, insight and hope in the next.
Congratulations on first place.
Ultra creative and sparkly! Made me smile and even gave me that feel-good bubble in my belly like the movie does. Congrats, so well done!
Oh fun... I enjoyed all the references to Oz.. DJ took me along for the plane ride with this! :) Congrats, Mari!
Congratulations Marita! Such a cute story. I have always wanted to see Glenda as an Angel instead of a witch...and now I can!
What a wonderfully fun story. Congrats on a well-deserved first place win.
Ha Ha! Loved it! You definitely nailed that one. Definitely worth NUMBER ONE!
Wowzer, congratulations on this masterfully written piece! LOVED it!
Very good work. The more I read the more I liked your story. Because you kept adding new OZ information, before the end I started looking for the OZ information. The name of the witch at the end was a perfect ending to a very well crafted story. Thank you. I had the pleasure of reading your story and I did not even have to buy the magazine.
I loved it. Like a story being found with in another. You did a great job.