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What I got from this entry: let us not become slaves to the things in this life that are just temporary.
Whether that was your intent or not--for me it spoke a great message.
Ah, the best laid plans of mice and men oft go awry and leave not but wreck and ruin for promised joy. Indeed man plans, but God ultimately directs our steps. Of course (and as a cat owner) a little foresight might have helped your MC greatly. Enjoyed this read immensely,
Oh dear! Horrifying ending, but great entry. You kept me interested throughout. I wondered if the geometric shapes made a bigger picture as a whole, or if it was just a cool design.
Loved the story, made me want to try pen and ink (And that would really be a joke). Held my attention with every word.
oh no! I "could feel her pain"... you held my attention all the way through... this is FABULOUS for the topic!
I love drawing black on white, geometric patterns myself. Even if I'd never had that experience, I could feel every sore muscle and hear every creaky tweak of your body! You are exquisitely expressive, and this is a wonderful read!
I was enthralled from the beginning and gasped at the unexpected end. Fascinating!
This reads like a true story. I could just see the cat licking her paws and feel the horror go through the artist.
Good strong entry.
I certainly didn't see that ending coming. I love the descriptions in this piece. I can only imagine the immense frustration with the cat. Well done.
Oh, what an awful ending to her creative endeavor! Your descriptions of the drawing process were excellent, and I was excited with seeing how her project turned out. Drat that cat! :D Great writing!
Hmmm...a whole new take on my pet ate my homework (or my computer ate my story :-) I enjoyed every line.
Oh, dear! This is EXACTLY why our two kitties sleep in the utility room at night. They can be so sweet--most of the time. Excellent story... I really felt for this artist. Well done.
This was so crisp, with good pacing and really interesting characters. Sorry all you feline lovers, but this just confirms to me why I do NOT have a cat!
Excellent! May be my favorite of yours.
O, bad kitty:) I guess you didn't give it attention soon enough.
Ha ha...I could see that ending coming! My mother draws sketches, so I know the precision and dedication that goes into each drawing.
Well written!