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Eerie feelings made me wonder where this story was going--I was thinking Sodom--and then I was chilled by your ending.
Certainly we can run, but can we ever really hide. We must constantly be vigilant and on guard. I really liked the way this story unfolded and was told in such an engrossing way.
This gave me chills. Your excellent writing kept me reading, though these kind of stories are never my first choice. Very well done.
Excellent, gripping, haunting, wow! ... my favorite part was that they took refuge in a hollow/crevice of a rock.
Excellent retelling of the story of Lot and his family! I enjoyed your vivid descriptions, such as, "We lit our lamps and barred the door; but sometimes I felt the night creep in through crevices and cracks."

The ending was truly haunting and demonstrated the damage done by dallying on dangerous ground. Great job!
The eerie descriptions and emotions are so vivid the reader is enveloped in the despair. Excellent writing!
Wow. This retelling of the story of Lot really brought it to life. The end was excellent - haunting, with the grim reality of the horrors of sin.
Whoa! You made the black so vivid! The writing is just splendid. A winning entry, I'm sure.

This is beautifully written. It is most poetic. I like the ending. It allows the reader to imagine what comes next. Well done.
Intense, gripping and oh so vivid. You portray the slime and darkness of this situation so well, I felt like I was there. I won't read Lot's story the same again.
Your descriptions of the city are lyrical, and the emotions you painted were authentic. This is an excellent interpretation of the Bible story.
Wow, Carol! Where did THAT come from? Your writing is always excellent, and this one is both excellent and chilling. I got goosebumps reading it, and the ending is a real gasper. I'm in awe!
Another wow...the dark and haunting feel permeated throughout this one. Loved the descriptions and how you brought it home...
Oh, Carol! This is far beyond WOW! I would gladly give up placing this week to get yours in Editor's should be there. This depiction is superb. So gripping. You've nailed the ability to communicate eeriness and foreboding. What a work of art!