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Of course, being from the south, I chuckled! All of it is true. You given great guidance in a way only a Southern gal can - I can even hear the accent!
A cute and fun read for this northerner.
Loved it! If there isn't really a book by that title, you should write it. Cuz we southern gals are in a class all our own. I think I'll go have a tall glass of southern sweet tea right now!
Love the tongue-in-cheek humor of this piece and I could definitely feel and see this Southern Gal's "charm".
Loved it.I just need to move south of the Mason Dixon line!
Very clever and well written.
What a fun and funny piece that has left me totally enlightened about teas and soirees! :)

Alas, I am from the north and drink hot tea with no sugar, but if I'm ever invited to a tea given by a Southern lady, I will most certainly not wear a black dress, slacks, shoes, sweater, or jacket! You made your point, and I will never forget it! Excellent job! :D
Being a Georgia girl myself, I loved your story! Made me want to run and put on my "Grits" t-shirt that means...Girls Raised In The South. Enjoyed your writing.
Loved the "Yankee, go home" ending. that was a nice touch. well told. even though it was more of an article, it had the feel of a story all the way through.
This was fun and loved everything about it. The humor is outstanding!
Southern girl here, born and bred. Just love the restaurants around here who only serve sweet tea when tea is ordered.
This is just fun.

Delightful all the way through. It takes "one" to tell it. Indeed, this southern girl put her white pants and shoes away on Labor Day. As always, your humor would be hard to beat.
Well, shugah, I'll meet you at the next Gah-den Club meetin'. Do promise to bring a copy of that wonduhful book! I must say, your writin' is as smooth and sweet as 'honey on warm biscuits'. God luv ya. (heehee! I couldn't help myself, my friend! You nailed the southern ladies soft charm and iron rules all at once! Great job! and oh, so entertaining. :-)
LOL funny! "..., bless her heart." I was howling from that moment on. I'd never make it in the south if this is for real, but a soiree sounds like a fun party!
Too cute:) I'm so glad I'm in the know now!
So, so SO funny! Loved every word, and I can just hear it being read aloud in a Southern drawl.
I'll have to remember this next time I travel that direction.
I really enjoyed this one... such a humorous, yet natural (VERY southern!) voice. Delightful!
Thanks for the education on life in the South. I loved the humor in this piece. :-)
Being a Northern girl myself I would have thought a little black dress would be perfect for any occasion except a wedding. Of course it does get hot in the afternoon in the South, so I probably wouldn't pick black anyhow. Probably my jeans and T-shirt would be frowned upon too?

Kidding aside, I loved your story and it was told with the perfect Southern accent. I'm not quite sure how you manages that but the voice in my head from the first line was in that beautiful southern voice.
LOL! Some of us from up north love the culture of the south, but would be lost if we lived there! :-)
HeHe! Cute! Great advice for any of us clueless Northerners about what to wear to a Southern tea ... or soiree. ;) I'm much better educated now.
LOL... this was delightful! I loved your MC and would be glad to meet her! The only reason I can think way it wouldn't place is that maybe it was a little light on topic. The black dress at the beginning and end but lots of other (fun) stuff included that made me forget that the topic was black.
The humor here is so easygoing and lovely, just like true Southerners. As a Texas girl, I totally get this and love it.
I just love how these "older" challenge entries become so appropriate at times. What fun this was. Even though I grew up north of the Mason Dixon line, I didn't have a clue about the white shoes after Labor Day and trespassed in that respect once. :) I will try to retain this information on the off-chance I'm invited to either event. :) Love this!