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Cute ornery twin story. I liked the last line...Oh yea. I could hear the "cool" twin trying to say it with a bigger boy voice.
Twins with such different personalities made this a fun and cute story.
giggle...I used to want to have twins, until I had my first baby. Then I figured it would be too hard. I love watching twins play together. Fun story!
Typical boys! Full of mischief. But they're mostly fun in our home too! Gotta' be a 'fun mom' myself to my boys to keep my cool. Good writing. Thanks.
I love that Tori is watching the nanny show. 'Don't yell unless you're hurt.' Sitting shoulder to shoulder in time out.
Very enjoyable, believable slice of life story.

I felt very tender toward the quieter twin.
That was a cute story, reminded me of a time my son put a bug in my hand. I never closed my eyes again. lol