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permit me to gush here! ... this is ADORABLE!! I was totally taken by surprise with the proposal! your detail is so rich. Every succeeding event perfect... I like how so many departments of K-Mart were brought into the story... LOVE THIS!
Your characters are delightfully real. I love them. They're both "prizes" for me! This is my kind of love story.
Oh man, this is priceless. Am giggling in a room full of teens. Yikes:) So funny. Great job. You brightened up my Monday morning. LOL.
Apt title for and apt article - an undeserved bargain, indeed!
A perfect love story summed up in three words. I caught the foreshadowing at the very first I just didn't expect the turn of events - and of course the mother showed up, she had to. The apple never falls far from the tree.
I'm a total push over for romantic stories--and this one definitely deserves a prize. Loved the characters--and the proposal was so perfect. Great, adorable, funny and VERY enjoyable to read.
So fun and a very creative take on the topic. I love Salvation's comparison to a Blue Light Special :) God's grace is truly and undeserved bargain. Superbly written and a winner in my book! Well done!
This is absolutely wonderful: humorous, poignant, sweet, detailed...and very, very real. Loved every word!
You know me; I love a good romance! This one is particularly beautiful - well done, my friend!
LOL! Cute with the Kmart twist, I liked the whole blue light thing, but Opal was a really um...interesting? character. LOL. Nice job, I think it just needs some more words. ^_^
Love these two gangly oddball characters. They are so made for each other and I could just see them together. Entertaining entry that had me smiling all the way through.

I LOVE it! I was really drawn into the action and the characters. I found the opening paragraph confusing and had to read it a couple of times, and the story was a little slow on the pick-up, but when you found your groove, you hit dynamite. VERY fun! :)
This started out a little slow, picked up speed, rounded the corner and came sliding in for a wild and entertaining finish! Terrific!
SO fun to read! Love these two...they're a perfect match.
This story deserves a prize! How funny,It's the middle of the night and I'm laughing so hard!
Love this story. Ah the loop that plays in our heads!!! Very fun read.
This is my kind of story, romance, surprise, and fun. The ending is fantastic!
Oh-so-cute. I hope they found the engagement ring. Thanks for a fun read.
I agree with the previous: the first half was a little slow but after it got going, I really enjoyed it. You have a really unique way of developing unusual characters--I can learn much from you.
Oh this was great! I loved the characters and the story was very original.
Real characters, wonderful word pictures - there's a lot to like about this story, and I do. Including the surprize proposal. Those two wonderful people are both prizes!
You made the story enjoyable, and your descriptions made it easy to picture the story taking place.
What an awesome way to propose! The K-Mart you described sounds a lot like the one in my hometown. Thanks for bringing me into the story. I could feel the characters imperfections and their love for one another while reading.