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What a great example of courageous faith you present here. The rhythm and rhyme are perfect...just like the message. Well done! May God bless our young people who love him as they try to take a stand in this difficult age.
Very good poem. Public schools try to bully our kids. Parents need to make sure kids know they can read their Bible and pray in school. Loved this!
Great entry all 'round! Good message, cute story, and nice flow.
Loved it!!!! Rhyming stories are my favorite, especially ones that that show our true "colors"
A+++++ for this story poem that shouts a message we should never forget. Perfection in the rhyme and meter. I hope to see this in the high ranks.
Oh wow, Mariane. This one has got to be a WINNER! If it were "cool" or "Christian" to envy someone, you would be the one I would envy, for your talent in poetry writing. Of course I don't! I just want to tell you what a great poem about RED this one is. It is not only on-theme, but the message is loud and clear. It is a blessing, and I am sure it would be the reaction in schools these days. Was it when you WERE 14? I don't know. I don't think it was when I was 14, but not sure. I went to a Christian high school...I really don't know what else to say about this entry, except that I think it is WONDERFUL...Helen
Very good poem. Great message, and the poem flowed so smoothly. Nice job.
I'm so thankful that in the (public) school where I taught, this would not have happened!

Your poetry is always so excellent!
Could this be true? I'm almost afraid to ask.

This is so well done with such a great message. I love it!
I remember a somewhat similar experience in my pastthere's a whole lot of truth in that old song: "Stand up, stand up for Jesus, ye soldiers of the cross." Good for your MCand for you!
What a wonderful message within the poem and loved the ending. Excellent!
I think this poem sends a powerful message. Sadly even if it doesn't come from a true experience, I am sure that there are those who have experienced similar situations.
Excellent poem and congrats on your win. Super job!
This is just wonderful and it almost brought a tear to my eye. Congratulations on your very well deserved win.
Wow! Excellent message, wonderful poem. Thanks so much for this inspirational gift. Congratulations.
Thank you for using this color subject of red and being brave enough to write about the most precious red of all.
Worthy EC.
This is a piece that really touched my heart. Where we live now, there still is freedom to speak about faith in the schools, but it wasn't so where we use to live.
I had gone to the same school where my children attended later, and how things changed. From being a school with a dress code, and allowing traditional religious Christmas songs to be sung in the program, to one that frowned on any religious parafanelia brought to school, it really did a total switch in twenty some odd years.
It angered and saddened me greatly and once we moved a few years later, I was relieved to find a town that still had strong christian values, within the schools as well.
Great job in writing this piece. Congrats on your win too!!
Congratulations Mariane, excellent work and very well-deserved.
I loved this. You have such a gift! Congratulations!
Sadly true in our day. Your poem marched as courageously as its "star"! Wonderful in every way and very deserving of its first place win! Congragulations!!
Congratulations, my dear friend, on this well deserved win! Your poem is timelessly eloquent, and your skill is impeccable! What a treat for me to be online again just in time to see your wonderful poem at the top! Love your work, love YOU!!
Congratulations, Mariane! I told you that you should have been FIRST. So thanks, Judges, for picking this as a winner....Helen
So many times poems of this type can be trite and sing-songy, but not this one! I was captivated after just the first couplet or two and never lost interest throughout the whole composition. Well done, and I believe every word.
Absolutely awesome work. This poem and it's message are truly inspired, and inspiring. Congratulations on you first place win and your EC.
This is superb! It flowed well and the continous thread delighted me until the very end. Great job!
When I was a kid we said the Lord's Prayer before our school morning began. We also sang God Save The Queen. The schools do neither now. Not allowed.

Although the girl would not likely get a weeks suspension here(I don't think--more likely she would be told her story is inadmissable and she would be given a failing mark), this scenario is already entirely possible, not something that could happen the future.
PS. Great poem. Well written. :0)
Awesome, Marianne! I grinned when I read that the kids all wore red on her first day back. Congrats - great job.
You did it again girl! Wonderfully creative. I love how you can create an admirable, interesting character with so few words. And your rhythm and all of that is perfect to boot. Number One All the Way!
I can certainly see why this won first place. Awesome job, fantastic talent.