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O boy, what an ending!
Wooo, bam! on the ending. Sadly, this can be so true. (the only thing that gave me pause in this story was the pencil she was going to pick up. It didn't feel like a pencil would be that likely of a thing to show up in the setting she seemed to be prepairing for.) Great job.
Ugh. So sad, but often true. And probably headed towards a staff member at that...grrr, but well written, surprise ending.
Got me with that surprise ending. This lady may not agree, but she needs the church more than she knows.
Your clever and careful descriptions gave me a clear picture of the whole process! :) Very well-written, and the ending was a sobering surprise.
I think I know this woman.
This is well written, and too true.
I've been thinking about this entry. Is it a young woman that needs God? or is it Satan let loose in our churches? Hmmm?
I agree with Laury...this story really makes one think. Satan is so subtle in how he infiltrates the church, and Christians. Good job with the topic.
I read this earlier and I wasn't sure how to comment. When I view it as Satan and his infiltration of the local makes sense. Yes, there are some hussy-type women on the prowl even in the church, but I don't know what they would do with a God-fearing man. At least not long-term.
Interesting to say the least.