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This story is too real. Profound strength like your MC has is so rarely appreciated, even noticed. It'd be nice if ignorance was as polite. Beautifully written with strong and honest emotion throughout.
I think God gives "special" kids to Special parents. Your MC would certainly be one of those. Thanks for sharing this slice of life and allowing the reader to walk in your MC's shoes if only for a couple of minutes. Enlightening.
Okay, this one just flew to the top of my list. I loved it all the way through, and the clincher was the mother's last bit of dialogue. Wow!
This is a brilliant illustration of a day in the life of a parent living with an autistic child. Such patience and grace shown here!
An interesting story which is an everyday trying experience for some mothers. My daughter has a young son who is slightly autistic and her whole life is taking up just with damage limitation.
Thank you sharing. Colin
Great story. This is one of those places in life where some people think before they speak.
I am not an expert on autism, but this piece definitely seemed to give an accurate account of what it is like for a parent who must take care of an autistic child. My heart went out to her and to Riley.

I agree that the end bit of dialogue is what really hits the reader. I have to ask myself, "Have I ever been one of those people who has passed judgement on someone like that without knowing their situation?"

Your writing made me want to be a better person, and that makes it excellent in my book. :)
This is a good reminder to not pass judgments on things we know nothing about.
This story shines with beauty and pathos--such a difficult thing to do together.
This is one of two stories that I've read here this week that has touched and carried me to a place so deep that I rarely am able to visit. But when I do I am richly blessed - that is what this work has done, blessed me. Thank-you!
Wow, this is one of my favorites!! Every word of this entry shouts realism, difficulty, courage, tenacity, perseverance and commitment! Thank you so much for inspiring me today. This story needs to be shared with all parents of exceptional children. Wonderful job!
A masterpiece for sure! I worked with autistic children over twenty years ago. This is spot on. I loved that your MC expressed such love for Riley - because "He is the child God gave me." Yes!
This was a great story that reminds us all how important it is not to pass judgment upon someone else (especially when we don't know the whole situation). I have worked with children with autism through the school system, and it can be hard on these children. They communicate in the only ways they know how, and they act the only way they know how. I am just glad that this child has caring parents. All too often, I have seen kids who have autism or other learning disorders whose parents want to throw the parental responsibility upon the schools or upon other learning programs.
I love the sensitivity in this piece, and how you addressed the issue of special needs children. I also loved how the mother was so understanding, and full of love. Well done my friend. This is now, another one of my favorites of your work. :)