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What a darling poem! You gave every definition possible of "red" and in the process made me laugh and marvel at your creativity. I don't know a thing you left out that could have been included under the umbrella of "red." A great entry which is sure to perk up everyone who reads it. Big time Kudos!!!
Love the creative look at the many different occurrences of red. Well done!
"The bureaucrats love it
A lot of red tape." That is my favorite line. Made me giggle.

Thank you for this entertaining poem.
Just a pleasure to read! Delightful and fun. Right on topic.
Your red-themed poem was a delight to read! Simply excellent! :)
Perfectly written to the topic. You'll find no red ink from me for this poem which excels in rhyme, meter, and everything in between.
Yummy strawberries! Now I feel like eating cheesecake.
So creative! So enjoyable! This one is going in my favorites! I thoroughly enjoyed all the references to read; I'm amazed that you stopped and took the time to compile this poetic list.
Simply delightful. A feast for those red-deprived.
So cute! I loved the Red Riding Hood verse...and all of the others! What a fun poem.
Sweet sweet sweet:)
A pleasure to read.
Delightful - I'm hoping, however, for that second place red ribbon, they are blushing for doing so well and not because they didn't get the coveted blue. So many wise and observant stanzas in this wonderful poem.
As always, your love of life left me charmed and graced ... thank you
When I saw that it was a basically a list of red things, I didn't think that I would enjoy this piece. I was pleasantly surprised. It was a good piece that flowed really well.
Well that sums up RED quite nicely. Congratulations, Verna.
Oh, Verna! What a delight!! You, my friend, seem to write so effortlessly as you gift us with your rhyming treasures! I love this little tickles me 'red'! Congratulations!!
I enjoyed this little red poem...congratulations on your EC.
Beautiful, Verna! I want to sing, "These are few of my favorite things..."
So sweet! Love all of the ways/places where you found the colour. Mostly I love the end! Perfect.
Better late than never to congratulate you on your EC! I loved this poem the first time I read it!
A belated, but none-the-less heartfelt congratulations on your EC, Verna. I'm still wondering about that 2nd place red ribbon, however : )