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It's rare for me to be moved by a story with no dialogue. But, your story did. Solid desciption throughout and great last paragraph. Well done.
This modern version of an old Biblical story had me thinking of Miss Kitty from the old Gunsmoke series, but then I caught the clues and realized I was a bit off base. Either way, I found this intriguing, well written and happy for the MC that she was headed down a better path.
COOL! I really liked this new take on Rahab, this is definitely creative, fresh and new. There was a modern feel to it as I read and when the end came, boy, it was GOOD. I loved it. Great job!
I've read a couple of novels on Rahab over the years. All of them had her regretting her choices of lifestyle, for various reasons. But, none of them juxtaposed her character traits like this. Nicely done.
You made Rahab come alive. Well done.
At first I was a little worried where this was going, but it was an excellent read.
Very creative perspective. Great job on this timeless story. Congratulations.
Congratulations and well done - very well written. Our thoughts turned to the same character and, I don't know about you, but I was incredibly blessed again by studying her story afresh and seeing the wonderful analogies of our salvation. Many thanks.
Oh my goodness, is this well written. Yes, I agree with one of the comments, although dialogue usually helps make the piece come alive, this one needed no aid.
Your descriptive words were full of emotion and pulsated throughout the story. I was captivated and wanted to read even more. This would be such a great historical fiction piece or even could be made into a movie. I can see it my mind. Grat job!! Congrats on the win too.:0)God bless your writing.
Doing the happy dance for you, Myrna. So glad to see you back and writing so well with a very well-deserved EC.
Well done, welcome back, and congratulations. I liked the line about ruby lips and swinging hips.
Outstanding work Myrna, congratulations!
Congratulations on this excellent piece of work!
Ooo, I always love Biblical fiction. I didn't catch on until it mentioned the word "inn." I found the second half of the story hurried, and with a tiny bit less emotion than the first part. Enjoyed it, though, and would love to see a longer version, if you have one.
I was thinking this was a modern day tale, but figured out your MC was Rahab about halfway through. Boy, did you bring her to life in a very vivid way. Excelent! Congratulations on your wins on both your level and in EC.
A great idea taken from the greatest book ever written. Nicely done.
I was curious before you hooked me, with almost enough clues to work out where you might be going, until it became so interesting I didn't care. I love your insights into Rahab's heart and mind, which throw light on her future Rahabilitation.
Excellent work.