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Poor cat. Little boys can be SO ornery.

You seem to know cats pretty well, and brothers and sisters, too. Nicely done.
A rather cruel joke to play on an innocent feline, but doubt it ever happened again. I think the use of the topic was a bit light, but found this an entertaining read.
Ahhh...poor kitty! You'll have to admit they are funny.
Awww, poor baby! I wanted to whack that jerk. You should never, ever ever do that to a cat, ever. what a meanie. lol. you made me smile and care about this story. thanks, i needed a lift today. ^_^
Awww, don't go messing with a little girl's stray cat. lol. Great story.
LOL, poor kitty! I wonder if the mom let them keep her even after she shredded the brother, or if the Mom saw through it and knew it was from teasing and not a mean cat. Fun story.
Dee, I never would have pegged this as yours! What a unique voice from you!

I wanted to reach out and swat Brother with MY claws, too! Well-written!
Dee, I can't believe we both wrote about a stray cat for this topic! Yours is great fun!
As always, you're an original writer...I love the brother/sister interplay in this cute story. Too real!
Kudos to the kitty—and to you too!