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This is adorable. I love the humor.

I'm not sure where the topic is in it, but it's probably just me. Sometimes I'm a little slow on the uptake.

Thank you for this delightful read.
You've got it bad!!!
love the
ROFL...what a hoot. I clicked on swine flu because that' the scare going 'round school right now. luckily no one I know has it, but I thought this was cute.

The ending was hilarious though-poor guy...his remote and her phone...heehee. Good job! loved it. I needed a laugh today and this was great for it. ^_^
I read this because I've just got over the swine flu. It took me 2 weeks and I didn't think my head would ever feel the same again. I have to say my expierience was a bit different from yours.
I had to search hard for topic qualifiers but I think I found a few.
Red eyes - red warning sign - I presume red mobile (rosy sparkle).
I enjoyed the hide and seek!
Nice to read something different. Thanks.
At first the story seemed very serious, but as it went on I started finding a lot more humor scattered throughout. I agree that the topic doesn't smack you in the face when you read it, but I do see the relation to "red" and sickness. I personally liked it a lot. :)
Oh... this is delightfully funny!
Oh my goodness! Clever, quirky, hilarious and...gulp, convicting (only for me it would be the computer!) What a delightful read!
I enjoyed this. I got such a good laugh when I came to the end of it. Thanks for sharing.