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Gripping description of life during Biblical times, and how that message still applies today.
Great details, sad ending. I had a feeling it would turn out like that. good job though.
Excellent! I could hear the crowds, see the arena...very well done.

I'm thinking that "Path's" isn't possessive, so doesn't need the apostrophe.

I really like that you ended with Jonathan, and left your readers to determine the fate and decision of the other man.
Great sense of time and place. I always enjoy reading "behind the scenes" biblical stories. Well done.
Wow. I felt like I was there in the prison.
Very descriptive and captivating piece. I felt like I was there. Sobering reminder of what those who have gone before us endured and a humbling reminder that while we complain about persecution yet we have had it all too easy.
Good intro, got right into the action. I loved this line, "I know that death is just the beginning of the path for me." Excellent description of setting, felt like I was there. Believable dialogue, although I was a bit confused about, "She's never come through for me." Was the other prisoner referring to a female deity? Great job. Reminded me of Francine Rivers' "Mark of the Lion" series.
I felt like I was right there. It reminded me of Francine Rivers' series as well. Well done.
I enjoyed reading this story. I hope that Jonathan's message makes a difference in the other man's life.