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Until I read your author's note I thought you were kidding—guess not! How silly can we get. Great poem and a very apt lesson.
Cute poem that drives the point home that it doesn't matter what color the ink is, when the criticisms outweigh the compliments, therein lies the crushing problem.
Your poem says so much of what is wrong in our society. Very interesting way to use the topic.
You make an excellent point in this poem. It's not the color of the ink but the emphasis on criticism rather than praise that is the problem. Reminds me of my college days and those English essays full of red ink. Good use of the topic!
I loved my red pen, when I was a teacher!

Very good poem, gives the reader a grin, but also a shake of the head.
Too cute. I believe teachers still use red pens in our high school. The kids are living through it - so far:)
I enjoyed your poem. It's sad that people think that a red mark on a paper is going to harm a child that much.