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"O sacred head now wounded" —different context but what came to mind as I read those last lines. As a cat person, I "felt" this. Well done.
I wonder if there's an analogy intended here: your MC feeds and has compassion for the wounded cat--Jesus feeds us (with His word) even in the midst of our ugliness (sins). Anyway, this is where my mind went as I read this interesting and provocative piece.
Troubling, but in the way one wants to be troubled. Means we're alive and recognize the worth of each moment.
This is so wonderfully told. Thought-provoking. Very special. What a take on the topic.

This really gives the reader pause.
It's beautifully written with vivid descriptions. Great message, too.
"His scar has never quite healed, a sanguine reminder of approaching mortality." Thought-provoking. Do any of our scars truly heal (at least here in this life)? What a wonderful reminder of how fragile life is.
This is deep and is one of those pieces that is worth a second read in order to really take in what it is saying.

You made me feel the wound. Good job with this one!
This leaves me utterly speechless and in awe. Unbelievably good; I'd expect to see something this good in a literature book.
The will to live, respect for those who suffer, seeing purpose in every breath we take no matter the depth of our wounds. Wow! This spoke to me on a level I too seldom visit. Thank you for taking me there again.
This reminds me of how we sometimes deal with disabilities in our everyday lives. Do we turn away? Pretend we don't see the person? Very thought-provoking piece.