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Well written and edgy, in true "Screwtape" style. Nice job.
Great reminder that the Enemy is eager to use changes in our lives to trap us into changing our lives. Creative way to present the topic.
Very creative. I was intrigued by the names.. (wish I could hear them pronounced) :) This serves as both a warning and a motivation. Great work!
You give new depth and definition to the word "creative". Big time Kudos to you for this one!
Very creative. A good reminder of what is happening "behind the scenes", so to speak, as well. Nicely done.
Great entry Leah - I enjoyed the voice of the piece and the reminder too.
I. Loved. It. :-D

Very creative take on the topic! Great job!
I tend to get the hebe-gebees (sp?) when I contemplate how the real enemy plots to destroy us...and you successfully gave me a few goosebumps. Great writing!
Very creative and the topic was used throughout.
I enjoyed your piece. I am glad that there are people who are involved in good things after retirement. Thank goodness for the people the enemy is fighting.
C.S. Lewis would be proud of this. You did the style of writing and the topic proud. Great work. :)