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You've captured many aspects of the empty-nest and sending a semi-grown child off to college. I smiled at many of your thoughts. I enjoyed her cleaning his room the most. :) I hope she gets the room so she can paint. :)
BRAVO! I loved this, it's my experience exactly!
I know this poem hits home with lots of moms out there. I smiled and chuckled my way through this--and loved the last line--tender ending.
This "neatnik" dad can also relate. On the positive side, I'm looking forward to moving upstairs out of my "writing dungeon" when my daughter's room is vacant.
Beautiful and very touching. I am at this stage right now, in fact I just finished sweeping my son's room out - scary stuff! Artfully written. I'm a fan!
I know you aren't exaggerating about the bulldozer and the french fries. Been there; done that. ;) The last line wasn't what I expected, and I loved it. Super.
You, my dear friend, have it exactly true here! This shows how life is while revealing your humor and your loving mother's heart. Well done!
Oh my goodness you've nailed it here! I love that every line but the last one describes the trials and tribulations of raising this child -- but then you sum it up in one whopping love note in your final sentence. So revealing of a mother's heart. GREAT job.
An awfully lot of mothers can relate to this.

This has it all, including touches of humor. I really loved this. Thumbs up.
I loved the poetry, the story it told, the bulldozer and especially the love of Mom. Well done!
Fantastic poem! You completely nailed the conflicting emotions (with the last line), and I loved the humor throughout. Loved it!
Clever, entertaining...delightful!
Sweetness! OK, the French fries line made me howl! Never ask my mom about my own stashing of that food as a youngun. LOL! Loved the ending especially, it gave the poem a real personality.
Your poem accurately captures the feelings of many parents who are sending their children off to collge. There's excitement, and she does feel a little sad that her son is now going to be gone.
This is so "the norm". Great entry. When we bought this house near our 3 grandsons, we thought we would have a couple guest bedrooms for them. But, then Bill made one into his art studio and I made the other into my office/library.
The kids do just fine sleeping on an air mattress.
Great entry! If your MC didn't have tears flowing I would wonder what was wrong...
Enjoyed this lighthearted poem on topic. The Mom's pov was fun!
I remember watching my firstborn pulling out of the driveway on his way to a far-away college,taking my heart with him. That last one, though, had to be forced out of the nest. Together, your my thoughts are mirrired here. Congratulations on a job well done.
Congratulations on your well deserved EC placing. Woo Hoo for your talent and double Woo Hoo's for your friendship!
Congratulations on your EC. Very well written. I just went through this 4 days ago--and the tears are still there.
Oh, Mariane, you had me grinning from ear to ear with your wonderful poem. Very realistic and humorous. Many congrats on your EC win, my talented friend!
You captured the conflicting emotions very well here. Congratulations!
Congrats, Mariane for placing with this fun poem! :)