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This is so beautifully written! Your message and your humor shine through. I could totally relate to the "meals on the time" with the two different expectations and loved the stanza about rice "growing". Love this!
Excellent ryhme, meter, flow and love wrapped up in this endearing poem. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this entry.
So much to love about this reflective poem. One of my favorite lines:
"The years flew by when kids were here;
Now were alone again
Still sharing times, both good and bad,
The way its always been."
I like this because it is true, life is full of both good and bad and it is by sharing and staying together that makes it bearable with wonderful memories indelibly called to mind. Beautiful!

I am not a poetry expert, but I do know what moves me, and this poem did. It's amazing how well we can write when it's done from our own unique perspective.
A pleasing read. Thanks for reminding us how marriage is meant to be.
Rich and full. A formula for a happy life. Love the rice mention. I have a friend who cooked grits for the first time for new new husband. She asked him if he could eat a cup and she said she could. Well, you can imagine that mess.

Such sweet memories, and the poetry works perfectly. Fine job.
This is so precious. I especially love the last stanza.
You are a talented poet.
Such a good entry from an obviously talented word carpenter. Very good job! Kudos!
I enjoyed reading this. It creates a good picture of how life has progressed for them throughout their married years.
And yes, this is how it should end as the nest empties and life is reflected entry described the opposite...both describe true results from choices happy and one sad...

I like your ending much better! Good writing!

Beautiful, enjoyed it very much!
I love the idea of reading the book inside my heart! Beautiful.
This was gorgeous, and the last line was perfection. Loved it...
It is that intriguing title that caught my attention, dear Verna. I thought I might be heading for a mystery story! You make poetry writing look so easy, the way your rhythm and rhymes flow so perfectly (but, I know it really does take work). And, I am touched by your message, wrapping it up with the revelation that the book is your heart. I was going to wait for your Porch Incentive story to thank you for commenting on my entry, but couldn't wait. Besides, I'm long overdue to browse through your library of FW stories, anyway. Thank you, friend. I'm always glad to read your comments on my writing.