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A heart wrenching read. I liked how you unfolded the story and let the reader process the details along the way.
Oh my goodness. Very powerful writing. Wow. The title is perfect, too. Love this. Wow. Don't know what else to say.
You've created a deep MC intricately woven into a few moments of time that you've draw out into a suspenseful masterpiece. Love how the title comes full circle with the wonderful ending line without giving anything away.
This is masterfully crafted and lays fertile ground for a more expansive story as the reader early on is emotionally tied to Micah. For what it's worth and it could be just me, but I did stumble over one line: "Mmm, she blew out her smoke, and a couple years before that. It was really just a matter of time. Up to this point, I was totally in the mind of Micah, hearing, feeling, etc., what she did. But this sentence took me into the person blowing out the smoke. Not sure if that makes sense, and possibly it's just me. That aside, what can I say, but an expanded work on this theme is something I'd definitely pick up and read with anticipation
Wow. Masterfully written. My heart aches for this child. And the way you chose to tell the story is amazing...very creative.
I am speechless. I have not read an entry that has riveted me as thoroughly as this one. I held my breath. The child's own struggle is masterfully portrayed.
This is of the most riveting enters I have read on FW's. The MC's emotions are so raw, I was holding my breath. Amazing writing!
Devastating...heart-breaking...literary perfection.
Just like everyone else: I'm a bit speechless. This is drama at the highest level. I especially loved the way you let us in on Micah's thought process...all I can say is WOW!
The thing that stands out most for me is the title. It is a very important element to the story that didn't make sense until I read to the end. This is expertly written. Two thumbs up.
Incredible writing and the title is perfect. WOW.
Holy Cow! Wow! What a riveting heartrending piece written so well! I liked the dialogue that told us of the poor little one's incident and the description of how the little girl felt. Unfortunately this happens all too often in our world and the children and other loved ones are left to try to cope with their lives. Great masterful writing hon. God bless-Keep it up.
You perfectly portrayed the torments of your MC in this masterfully written piece. This one is gut wrenching and pulls on my heartstrings. I expect to see this in the winning ratings.
I'm almost too stunned to type! Color me stupid but I didn't see this coming which made it almost unbearable to absorb. Wow! Talk about a winning entry! This beats anything I've read in three years! Kudos!
Congratulations on your EC. I was so happy to see this entry place so high. Excellent!
michelle, i long for the day when i can effectively communicate a story like this. absolutely awesome.
As I sit here and read this story, I am completely blown away by its intensity... literally. Your second place on your level and in the EC is definitely well deserved.
Wow knocked the ball right over the wall and out of the park on this one! A huge, huge CONGRATULATIONS on your so well desevered EC win!
Wow... just incredible writing, Chely! gripping and heart-breaking.. Congrats on your well-deserved EC!
What a heart-wrenching story! Great job! Congratulations on your EC!