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Very touching story with excellent message reminding we don't have to dazzle. I love the sensitivity of the child.
I thought this was SUPERB. The voice was just perfect. Incredible job! Enjoyed this so much from the title to last word.
What a lovely gentle reminder that we don't see the world from the same perspective as our children. Their innocence is to be cherished while it lasts...
Wonderful piece!
Love this! You really occupied the tender spirit of this sweet little fellow.

The only thing I wondered about the the writing in present tense, which seemed inconsistent with the child's voice. Would it seem more realistic in past tense? Would make an interesting experiment.

I just wanted to hug this little precious!
Love the innocent voice, so perfect. His personality comes alive when he sees and hears the birds - everything else is ho-hum to him. We can learn many important lessons from children.
This made me wonder how often I really take a look at things from a child's point of view. My guess is probably never. Thinking I should start being a little more observant. Thanks for helping me learn something!
“Where did he learn that?” Loved this line! Monkey see, monkey do.

So innocent and the water ride reminded me of a poor toddler who rode a river raft ride with his parents. By the end of the ride, he was shaking and saying "done? done?"
I loved the voice of the MC. I also love seeing life through the eyes of a child. Well written, nicely done.
It took me a little while to get into this but by halfway through I was well and truly hooked. I loved the ever growing gap between the child and his parents. Silly grown-ups!
Good reminder of a child's fresh perspective on the world.
Love this. Just loved it. We adults really don't get it sometimes. Thanks for the reminder:)