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"...precocious to the point of exhaustion." What a priceless description. I absolutely loved Alice and her Dad. Perfect combination of wit and wisdom, and the last line was the crowning glory. Tee hee. LOVED this.
A delightful tale. Curiously enough this is something we have never had to tackle with any of our children - possibly because none of the houses out here have chimneys!
I was a little put off my some of the Americanisms. I had to look up Mary Janes to see what they were. And I don't understand the reference to the judge. But that's just an outsider's perspective. I'm sure your story works very well for a US audience. And she really is precocious. I particularly liked the body language and secret signals.
Very enjoyable writing. Loved the interaction between father and daughter. And, though she wasn't in the "scene," the mother's presents is very evident. Excellent!
Absolutely precious. I love tender interaction between fathers and daughters.

Teeny red ink: It's Claus, not Clause.

I loved the same line that Lisa mentioned in her comment...just wonderful!
Cute, sweet, tender, sensitive,and so much more. Loved the ending too.
The dad in this seems very sensitive. I like that.

Your little girl is charming. I had a clear picture of what she looks like.

Kudos for this sweet story.
Wonderful story and a precursor to what I will be facing in my household soon. I could see this play out in my mind and I loved the ending. Well done!
This is just beautiful and tender and real. I love it.