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I absolutely love stories that make me laugh one minute, and then manage to make me tear up the next. Sniff. So, so good.
Lots of good ideas packed into this entry. Any writer can relate to this one--where to go from that original thought/idea. Well, you tugged at my heart with the completed story within this story--I'm so glad it had a happy ending. Thumbs up to you.
This is so creative. So many layers here. I love the way she addresses God...funny, yet sad at the same time. Just that one line tells a whole story. Excellent job.
This is absolutely wonderful... as usual, Jan! Humorous, yet profoundly moving. It's so easy to relate to the MC trying to find her voice... though an emotional personal experience is (for me, at least) the most difficult story to write. Very well done.
After I recovered from the hysterical laughing fit I suffered in the middle (her daddy talked like mine) I was able to see what a brilliant job young Julie did with her assignment. Superb, creative, original. (And does your little girl under the tree have a story now? ;) )
Oh,I can relate to noting of snippets, but never thought of it as a story...very creative. Excellent last paragraph, too.
Jan: You never disappoint us even when you don't impress yourself. Really terrific.
Excellent. Excellent. Excellent. Did I mention I thoroughly enjoyed this? If someday I could write like this....

"Annabel reaches over Billy and the frog, and touches Momma’s smile..."

Beautiful story, wonderfully written. The last paragraph...perfect. Thanks so much for the read!
For the life of me I can't figure out the "on a pony" part, but it didn't take away from this lovely piece. Nicely done!
I wish my off entries were written as well as this. Very creative and I really enjoyed it!
I loved the final story and the observations at the beginning made me smile. But you lost me a bit with the Scooter episode and the first try with Lisa. Certainly a creative approach to the theme.
Every word put me right alongside the little girl. Loved the humor, too. Two thumbs up.
I'm accepting bets about whether you come in first or second in EC with this entry. The day you turn in a less than perfect piece is the day I want to see. **grin** Not gonna happen! This is a refreshing and lovely addition to your already prestigious body of work. Kudos!
If this is off-day writing, it is off the charts. A great job of story-telling.
I would love to have an “off day” if this would be the result. I enjoyed the notebook of ideas, good characters.
Many writers have said they simply see a character and follow him around a bit to see where they might lead- many give up before the story is revealed, but a truly great writer persists and the result is much like what I have read here.
It is amazing to me that you ultimately delivered a fantastic little story in so very few words - much fewer than 750 since the first few paragraphs were spent on the idea generation. You somehow still manage to succesfully engage us with your final charater...not easy to do.
Amazing job of writing a story within a story and also making the MC in the final story come alive and touch our hearts.
This is so creative and out-of-the-box. Excellent. There is just something about a fresh sheet of paper that gives me goosebumps.
Simple, cute, perfect details, and great upbuilding for the reader to attach to the character while providing a writing lesson at the same time. A pure sketch can become so many things.
How imaginative! That little story within the story was sooo good, I wish it could have gone on--book length would be nice.
Ahh, this one made my heart sigh a little in recognition. Beautifully executed and unique take on the prompt. Perfect!
I love how you do this! Amazing and so creative!