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Haha...I so loved this!
That last line made the story! Lol. Fun little piece of writing:)
I loved, loved, loved the first half of've got the "fable voice" perfectly, and I could picture every paragraph.

I thought it fizzled a bit at the end...I expected Violetta to have a bit more of an adventure, I guess.

Definitely expand this one1
A fun kid's story! I expected to see Violetta in some sort of peril when Lucinda found her, but I did enjoy the cute ending. Ain't it the truth? :)
This was fun and I laughed at, "Lucinda suddenly had a flash of sense." Very creative.
I think you've created a story that children would love. I love the adventurous heart of the child and can so relate to the "wanting to stay in my comfort zone" mentality of the governess. Nicely done!
Hello, Picked it up from the hinting time in the forum.
Cute story. Would make an excellent young children's story. Target could be girls between 7 and 10 or so. Throw in some bad men or monsters and a handsome young boy and you have a winner on your hands. I think children's stories work with the clich 'Once upon a time.'