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YES! So well put. This made me smile, as I have grandkids and it does bring back the sweet innocent joy of childhood! You did a good job here and I enjoyed it!
This cute poem rings so true of a child's point of view. A fun read that ends perfectly.
Yes, yes and yes again. A Shirley Temple moment in time - is it any wonder why audiences young and old adore her - this simple poem explains it all - all so well.
So funny, with a thought provoking ending. My favorite stanza:
No one would ever caution you
What manners you should use,
To wash your hands or brush your teeth
Or mind your ps and qs.

Priceless. :)
A pure delight!! I LOVED it. What a joy it must be to write something like this--so creative and fun and yet poignant, too.
I love the way your title compliments your poem, with the same meter and mood. Wonderful!
A celebration of the joy of childhood. I found the last verse a little jarring coming as it did at the end of a litany of what could be regarded as selfishness and indulgence. I guess that's why children DO need adults to teach them a bit about restraint!
What a great poem. For some reason the words "Sweet charity" didn't seem to fit but I can't suggest anything better. Otherwise, I think it was written to topic exceptionally well.
I loved this, especially the part about honesty and crossing your heart. Very well done!
Love the first stanza..."while cats and dogs run free."

The second stanza..."For you to wipe your nose."

I'll have to stop with favorites 'cause I loved it all!
I am smiling at this delightful poem. It is such a pleasure to read. Excellent job!
This is cute! I liked the flow and meter and the theme is great! Sometimes I think that kids could do a better job in some ways. (Although I can picture tons of kids running everywhere with cavities and unwashed little bodies.):0)Very nicely done!
Awesome poem. The world would be so very different if our children were in charge, for sure.
This is just too cute for words. I love the line about your sleeves being only long enough to wipe your nose. Isn't that just like a kid to say that? The whole poem is just adorable and I can see a million different ways to illustrate it for your book. You'd have a hard time picking out just one line to illustrate because your choices are so many. Honestly, you get better every single week and I'm so proud to call you my dear, dear friend. I've learned so much just from studying your work. Love you, Dearheart.
This poem perfectly describes a child's wish for how life should be! I love it!
Wonderful, Verna! As I'm reading, I keep thinking, this should be a sung. I love all the intricacies of this!
I enjoyed this lighthearted romp through childhood. I especially liked the shirt-sleeve line. I could just see the children throughout history who have wiped their noses on sleeves. (Much to their mothers' chagrin.) congratulations on your Highly Commended and EC placing this week.
Congrats, Verna! This well-written poem is so deserving on an EC!
Congratulations on your EC, Verna! This poem is adorable, and well written, too!
I think I'd like to live there. :) Very fun - congrats, Verna!