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Your end was truly a surprise even though you left us hints about Adam and Eve's relationship. Such a good story. The twist at the end really sealed it. Good job!
Your title was an omen for the ending, even though I wasn't expecting it. Your story made it clear though that these were everyone else's expectations for Eve. You showed there was no joy for her in the planning. Very well done.
Nice writing. It flowed really well. It might be a Personal preference of mine: I really hated the ending. Leaving a husband-to-be at the alter would have to be one of the cruellest things anyone could do. All my respect and sympathy for your MC vanished at your ending. Had I paid for this story as a novel, I would not be buying another.
I didn't pick up on the hints, but fell full-on into the romance. My heart is still in my stomach - your ending was a complete surprise to me. A 2nd read brought it into perspective. Nice work!
I caught the hints, but still didn't expect the ending--so sorry for Adam. Sometimes we do get trapped into expectations others set for us--and it takes courage to break free from them. Too bad Eve's courage didn't come sooner. Having said all that, I did like this story and think a sequel is in order. What lies in their futures?
Wow! That one floored me! It came to an end all too soon. It also makes me want to know more about the main characters, supporting characters, sub-plots, in-depth reasoning, introspection of both main characters, and of course what happened afterward? Any desire to make this into a full-blown novel?
I happened to LIKE the ending. It was perfect!

What a great piece of work. You'll place high with this one! Kudos!
I did not expect that! I can relate though. With a daughter who feels trapped by others' expectations of her, this resonated with me.

Excellent writing.
BTW a huge congrats and hugs on 5th place EC!!
Wow! I have to admit to being completely surprised by the ending...maybe 'cause I've been up all night...but I thought the story was very well written. Congratulations on your highly commended level placing, and your EC.
Lol...I couldn't help but laugh at the ending. Very well done!
Excellent writing with a super surprising twist at the end. Well done and congrats on the EC!
Perfect pacing throughout this piece with the truth written between the lines - so obvious it was easy to overlook and not be taken by surprise when she said, "No." Well done and well deserved recognition from the judges. Congratulations.
Fantastic, I applaud your MC (or would I guess ;-)) and even though my heart broke at the end (yah, THEN I saw the hints), it was the braver, tougher thing to do. Nice, nice job making the reader care deeply about your characters.