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Poignantly written, filled with what ifs yet buoyed with assuring realities. Kendall, half her mother in certain ways, but wholly her in matters of the soul. The allegory of the maple leaf goes beyond just the color within, but continuesout with the old, and in with the new but in reality it is but a repetition of what is already there. Fragments can be torn off and even thrown to the ground, but somehow they manage to flutter up (in memory) to kiss the top of our head and lay a hand on our back, giving us indeed, enormous comfort.
This was so refreshing. It spoke to me of new seasons in our own lives. And the verse, "Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart," popped into my head. God has so much more for this MC.
In your story I didn't just "see" your mc, I saw into her heart. More than that, I liked her. The conversation between mother and daughter is "real." You cleverly managed to describe the husband with one sentence. and when I got to the last sentence, I said, "Ahhhhhhhh perfect ending."
I can relate to the mood of the MC throughout this piece, as I'm sure many readers will. The daughter is a jewel and I learned what causes the leaves to color--I never knew that. This story touched me on many levels and I love the way you wrapped this up with a ray of sunshine for the MC. Two thumbs up on this one!
Great piece of writing, and those last few lines are gems.
This story blows me away. Enjoyed every word. My heart ached for the MC.
Gulp. This was heartwrenching and so genuine. I could feel her sorrow and self-pity, but yet also her frustration. I could touch the leaves at her feet and in her palm. I could smell Kendall's fresh, alive scent. Man, this one gripped me - hard. Awesome writing.
I loved this story! Wonderfully written!
I was there sitting on that stump from start to finish...excellent writing and poignant points to ponder...Loved it!
A richly engaging story. Beautifuly written
I love this mother's insights.
Gorgeous and stunningly realistic! I don't think I'll ever look at an autumn leaf in quite the same way. Very, very well done.
What a great piece of writing. You'll place high with this one! Kudos!
Such a lovely piece. You've managed to get into your MC's head and make us feel her emotions, too. Congrats on your EC. You earned it.
Congratulations on your first place win, and your EC win. I loved your story. both your MC and her daughter were very genuine, and I could relate to the mother's mixed emotions.
Oh, boy! I just read this for the first time and will undoubtedly come back and read it again - and yes, probably again. What a wonderfully deserving, masterfully written winner! Congratulations on your EC!
Doing the happy dance for you! Congratulations, well done, indeed!
I have so much to learn! Every sense was engaged in this story.

Congratulations on a well-deserved EC!
Congrats on 1st place.:0)This is so touching and I loved your style of writing. This colorful piece had me reading it again to rake in all it had to offer. Well done.:0)
I had written something similiar but didn't get it done in time to enter it, sigh. :0) Very touching piece and what a promise at the ending. I'm sure the MC's color will be exploding with brightness before she knows it.
So real. I felt like a nosy neighbor.

Congratulations on your 1st place, Lisa! Never mind I'm having to write this through misty eyes and a lump in my throat. You are a very talented writer.
Very good! Congratulations!
Congratulations on your 1st place EC win. Very touching story and beautiful writing as always.
Wooo Hooo--congratulations! What a story--so warm--a tender moment caught "just so". Delightful.
Congratulations, Lisa--SO well-deserved!! I love this story!
Lovely story. I love at how you hint at so much of a back and future story, but don't have the need to bog us down with specific details.
This is beautiful! Congratulations!
So obviously a winner. This is great writing.
Oh oh oh, Lisa! A perfect story to sit on top of the Autumn entries. I'm speechless.
I LOVE this beginning with the title! Your message hit me right in the heart. :) SUPER CONGRATS on your 1st place EDITOR'S CHOICE. I'm so excited for you!
Loved this Lisa. I love the daughter that "gets it", but mostly I love the Mom that "gets it." The emotion in this piece really touched me. Congratulations.