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This is the cutest bittersweet story. Love the comparisons of the mama bird and the "tweet tweets".

Your MC seems very real. Great job!
Most enjoyable. Love the humor.
You so well described the mixed feelings we "mother birds" have in letting our fledglings out of the nest. I loved your humor and was right there fluttering with you.
Loved this entry. Very cool. Even a little crazy. You've created a realistic portrait of what it's really like in a family. I found it a very entertaining read. Well done
Great mix of serious and funny. And thanks for bringing back the good memories of yesteryear when shopping for school was considered "fun." And although this was our last year to do back-to-school shopping with our daughter, it seems that year after year the occasion has become more involved and more expensive. And when she moves into a new living arrangement at college, who am I going to holler at to clean up her bedroom and bath? And who am I going to wait up for to come home from dates? And...
The ending lines were the best part! I could feel the mother's emotions! Her husband and son were clueless! You are not sure if she wants to sigh, laugh or cry...