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Absolutely delightful narrative! I loved it.
Very entertaining tale, but I would be very upset if I was Miss Bidlack. Of course, she nnever knew, so all's well.
Terrific rhyme! I think the reason I enjoy poetry such as yours so much is because I wish I had it in me.
Loved that final touch—flowers in cider, indeed!
Perfect title for this cute and humorous poem. Rhyme and meter are masterfully done--and the ending was sweet--Audrey would be pleased!
This was such a light-hearted poem. I loved the lilt and the rhythm and of course, the rhyme. It's good to read something light and "feathery" for a change. It lifts one spirit. And I needed my spirit to be lifted...God's blessings on you. I always love your writings...Helen
This was fun to read. It amazes me how you told such a complete story in a short poem through careful and great vocabulary choices. Awesome.
As I read this, I found myself smiling. Thanks
Wonderful! My dad once owned a cider mill, so my mind boggled at the thought of peeling, cleaning, and coring all the apples. I laughed out loud at the mill workers' reactions!
Wonderful! Loved Audrey and loved the sing-song voice of the poem. Great job.
Wonderful poem. Fun read. Put a smile on my face. Well done.
Charming! I absolutely love the idea of the flowers in the cider on her grave.

A fun story, very nicely done in poetry fashion. Thanks for sharing.
I was delighted to meet Miss Audrey Bidlack! A fun piece of writing!
I just relish your juicy words!
For example: "persnickity" to rhyme with "she,"
"Autumnal Tea" (to rhyme with "recipe") is simply delicious, the way it rolls off the tongue!

Words are fascinating in themselves. But the way you put them together is pure delight to the soul, leaving joy bells in this reader's heart.
Simply delightful!
Made me think of The Waltons and the 2 aunts who made homemade cider (hard).

This was such an escape and just full of fun.
Love it.

What a delightful poem! I really enjoy your talent for poetry and humor.

We visited an apple orchard on a field trip where the workers told us about someone just like Audrey, and they, too mixed hers with their apples.
This is wonderful--meaningful, and great fun, too! Very well done!
Well, our Queen likes a tipple
but I'm not sure she likes it to be cider. Living in Worcestershire where the best cider apples grow - I related well to your very interesting story in rhyme. Thanks - Colin