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Beautiful poem detailing the beauty of autumn so vividly. Well done.
I agree with Brian, this is a very lovely poem.
I enjoyed this. The easy meter and rhythm made it easy to read and every stanza said just the right thing. I love autumn, too.
How beautiful! It contains all the reasons autumn is loved by so many! I could almost see, taste, hear, smell,touch this wonderful time of the year as you described it. Kudos!
This speaks to so many things, yet is not cumbersome and the meter and rhyme make it so much fun to read and savor. It's hard to point to a favorite line or stanza, although the last one sums it all up beautifully. However these two spoke to me the most:

"Brilliant blue of sky in summer's,
Elbowed out by greedy clouds,
Which devour smoke from chimneys
To envelop in their shrouds.

Tender flowers sadly shrivel;
All but pansies stay asleep,
Safe beneath the ground till spring comes,
When they’ve promises to keep."
I agree with all the above comments, adding, I only wish that, somewhere in my desire to share my thoughts, I had learned to rhyme as beautifully as you do. Those of you who have written such beautiful poetry on autumn and winter are helping me to gain a new appreciation for these two seasons.
The fall is my favourite time of year and you have captured it so beautifully.
Beautifully creative in every way--my senses were aroused as I meandered through this delightful poem. A+ on the rhyme and meter and, well, everything!
Your words are not only descriptive they are endowed with the ability to evoke the emotions of "Fall". I enjoyed "feeling" this poetry!
Your poetry always amazes me. Great job, as always!
Yes, what gets me is how you can find such descriptive, perfect words for your wonderful poems.
I always know I'll enjoy what you write.

Lovely, lovely imagery, Verna, all the way through! Now I'm really ready for fall to begin! Very well done.
Beautiful descriptions of fall paint a perfect picture of this season. You have included all the aspects of the season that I enjoy and love! Wonderful in every way.