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Yes, birth is an amazing thing. It's incredible to think of the major responsibilities that rest with the nurses.
From one nurse to another... I hate crappy strips, too... but I loved your story!
Hmmm ... curious if I can guess who this is! ; ) But I was mesmerized. It was cool, and besides--it was very, very well written!
I liked the nurse's voice and the way she explained things I had no idea about. Most of all, I liked the story.
You kept us moving with you, and with no pregnant pauses. Very descriptive
An intriguing voice, slightly impersonal, weary, perhaps a shade too technical, yet determined to get the job done and secure a positive outcome. Well characterised.
Excellent writing. The nurses voice was spot on. The piece was both informative and entertaining. I did not stumble on any of the wording, no clumsy constructions. Great story telling. Worthy of this level. Well done.
Very informative. I thought I knew who this was the first time I read it. The voice felt a bit detached, but during those moments, I guess nurses can't afford attachment.
Thanks for sharing a few hours of your day. Seeing what goes on behind the scenes was fascinating. I can tell it's a little rushed - a minor once-over edit will make this shine. Loved it! Hugs. Cat
This reinforced my thankfulness that my Megan had a great nurse (like you!) during her labor. My hat's off to you L and D nurses!
Loved reading this "insider's" POV. The voice is perfect--which it obviously would be, since it's you--and the story is both informative and engaging. Great job with the topic.
Informative and entertaining. Thanks for sharing a behind the scenes look at a L and D nurse. Nicely done.
Loved getting a look at what a nurse like you does! Great job.
This so sounded just like you Leah! It was like sitting in the room listening to you gab about your day - which is awesome style. Agree with the minor editing, but hey, you were probably at work ;-)
You got me all tense with this one! I too hate crappy strips after reading this one.

Of course, the title drew me in. Any title with the word "crappy" in it catches my attention. LOL. I'm a sucker for things like that. :)

Good job at building tension and bringing the reader into your world as a nurse.