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There are very nice analogies here. Very good writing and what a sad story but it turned around and ended perfectly. Nice writing!
Your symbolism for birth is excellently presented. I like the way you continued it to the end of the story,and I also liked the way you showed how beauty could come from a tragic ugliness. Well done.
Your analogy of the abalone shell was excellent. And it's great to see another story of redemption and hope in the midst of adversity. One quibble would be that I found the verb in your opening sentence an odd choice and hence a little off-putting.
Emotionally provocative writing. I liked the way you had the storm raging as the labor intensified.There were other subtle suggestions of the difficult circumstance this young girl found herself in without being too explicit. An altogether excellent challenge piece.
A blessing to hear a story where even a baby born of rape is wanted and saved.We need more brave women to stand for life. Very well done. I didn't mind percolating. I assume that is how the mother spoke. Percolating is coffee brewing! Keep writing about the hard stuff,you do it so well.Blessings,Ruth

Beautiful story! Congratulations!
Debbie, you have such a gift. Your writing is in a class by itself, unique and different somehow. Its like you dig deep and pull it to the surface for us to see.
How you get such details of this story to unfold in 750 words is talent.

You made me cry. What a wonderful story of healing.