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I like how you showed well both the wonder and the love of Mary for her "extraordinary" baby.
This tale brings tears to my eyes. I don't think often of the emotional roller coaster Mary must have endured as mother of the Messiah. I love your take on the topic - not your standard "birth of Jesus" story. Good work!
Beautiful! I love the line, "he is the adult, and I the child"... very well written!
This reflects many of my wonderings. The Word says she pondered the words of the shepherds and the magi in her heart. What were her thoughts?
Your Mary comes across as very young and uncomplicated, which is a good thing in its own way. I found the use of Jesse as a nickname somewhat off-putting and I wasn't clear why Mary was doing so: referring to the Son of David with the name of David's own father!
To me, this special relationship, Jesus and Mary, is a mystery. We really don't have much in scripture to show their early days. I do believe Mary had a true mother's heart and God supplied the rest.
Extraordinary indeed.
You got into Mary's heart and soul beautifully.

I was a bit put off by her use of "Joe" in the first paragraph. If the whole thing had been a sort of modern "take" on the story, it would work.

This was very tender and well-written.
Loved the POV. I often try to "fill in" Bible stories, and you did a great job with Mary.
Wonderfully written and a great take on the "heart" of Mary. Nicely done.
This brought tears to my eyes. Great take on the topic and well written.
I really liked this. One of my favorite books is "Two From Galilee" by Marjorie Holmes. Read it every year at Christmas. 'Real life' stories from the Bible intrigue me and you did a great job. I especially liked the nickname--and I'm glad you gave an explanation as I wouldn't have caught it.
I appreciated your take on the Scriptural story, but I don't like the nicknames. Sorry! :P You did a beautiful job with the descriptions of Mary's inner thoughts.