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As a father and grandfather type Bloke (Aussie version) I feel you captured much of the fun and the mystery that we can find as new parents.
This is EXCELLENT! I can see this being a weekly column in a newspaper. Great job! What would we do without our Bloke's:)
I laughed so many times while I read this! Very fun and well done!
Wonderfully created! I really enjoy hearing the "minority" perspective, so to speak, of the 'bloke'.
How did I miss this one? It's priceless. The voice is perfect...real. Such fun!
Totally hilarious, and written in a wonderfully entertaining voice. The car wash sequence had me guffawing.
Love the voice--this is very, very funny.

So many good lines, but my favorite is: "Screaming GOAL! in the middle of a contraction could be a tad difficult to explain."

Cracked me up. Thanks for the laughs.
This is hilarious. I especially enjoyed the car wash tip. (I may have to give that one a try when my wife's at a women's conference next month!) Thanks for sharing. Nicely done!
This was great! One of my favorites, my husband's too. I love the voice in this.
Very funny. Loved it. Couldn't see a thing wrong. Perfect light hearted read.
Very very funny - and oh so true!
Funny! Loved it, especially the part about the car wash! LOL
I really enjoyed reading this story from a "Bloke's" POV. It was very funny, and entertaining.