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Tee hee. Tee hee hee. Loved it. Great title, great humor, great writing. Lol.:)
And more tee hee's here. Makes you wonder why any woman willingly endures it... and then miraculously, he becomes the most beautiful baby in the world, and your heart is never the same again. I enjoyed your humor immensely.
It's good that people can laugh about such a painful subject! I did feel rather sorry for the poor father.
How funny and what memories you've stirred up. Not funny at the time, for sure, though, but now - we can laugh. Excellent job! And I don't feel sorry for the husband. Nope. Not one bit! lol
Brilliantly written with a sardonic tone that I really appreciated. Something tells me this is not fiction...
This is SO funny! I love the lollipop line, and your narrator's spunky voice. You're so good at humor!
Great humor. Loved the lollipop line and not trying this at home. Well done.
I read, quietly, couldn't stop laughing. My husband wanted to know what I was reading, so I tried to read it to him. Barely got through it. My older two kids are now using the "lollipop" line with everything.

ROFL From beginning to end. Brilliant writing!
Hillariously funny, especially the end. :-) I remember having to learn the trick of covering my son up with a diaper to avoid that one. What a gift you have for humor! Love it and what a well deserved 2nd place overall! A huge Congratulations!
LOL...too funny...and so true! When I had my second child my husband stood there cheering me on. He even dared to say, "This isn't as bad as Jed was!"

I wanted him to step closer so I could permanently insure we had no more children. :-D (I'm glad I didn't have a chance though as our third child is a precious little girl.)