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I liked seeing this birth through the eyes of the sister. Very cute.
Just delightful! I could easily see the whole picture and visualize what a fit June was going to give her parents over her baby brother.
Ok, I love the title and the name Junie. This whole piece was so much fun, and I adored Junie's voice. "I had done a number of disgusting things in my life, but surely none of them had elicited such a look of adoration." Hilarious.
chuckled my whole way through this. some delightful lines and scenes painted with your words. Great job!
Loved it. So natural, so innocent. But testing a rule change with a burp - did you need to bring that up?
So cute. I love this POV and your cutie MC. Great story and I love the ending (and all that's in between.)
This was so cute! I loved peeking inside Junie's thoughts.
Great look at what older siblings think and feel. Especially loved the closing humor!
A fun read. Some of the MC's vocabulary seemed mature for her age but it added to the enjoyment of the story.
Loved the humor---oh to see things from the eyes of the innocent. Great read, kept me interested and laughing from start to finish.
Made me think back to when my daughter was born. After bringing her home in a snowstorm and being VERY tired, I had to pry her away from her screaming two-year-old brother who had been told for months he was getting a baby sister for Christmas. He thought she was his.
Loved the story.
I'm still laughing out loud. This was great - I love your humor.
Thoroughly enjoyed. Too cute!
:: This required a vast rearrangement of my worldview. ::

Too cute! Thoroughly enjoyed this. Excellent writing skills.
Love it!
Love the voice, and the little girl's name. This line made me laugh: "I patted my mothers rounded belly. She still looked pretty fat to me." And I loved how Junie called her baby brother "it." Excellent writing, as always.
This one had me rolling. Great POV! Should've known it was yours, Jan. I think I need to spend more time with you.
Great voice. You're so good at this. I have a 6 yo daughter who is constantly doing these sorts of naughty things. Very realistic.
The details are amazing and really bring us into the experience. As a growing writer, it's fun to study your wildly successful technique and style.
I was transported back into childhood by Junie's thoughts. You really got into the head of a little girl. So so excellent.
Ever so masterful. :-) I can so relate both from the viewpoint of the child and of the mother too. A big Congratulations!
Wonderful way to start my morning! Absolutely deserving of 1st place. Congratulations!
I am so glad I could piggyback on someone else's internet just so I could read this entry. Seriously, you made my morning. Grins and giggles that attracted my husband's attention so I had the pleasure of reading this out loud to him and made it very entertaining for him. A great reead-out-loud story.
What an adorable entry. I'm glad I read it. Congrats on your 1st place EC.
Great story and deserving of a first place finish. During the many years of my wife being the director of Birth Choice of the Desert in California, we heard many stories shared by mothers of how the older sibs reacted to the births of newborns. Your story fits in very well.
ROFLOL!! That is just priceless!
Sorry...but the first word that comes to my mind is... Gorgeous. OK. Delicious is another one.

Funny? YES

Clever? YES

Fun? YES

But I can't help it. It's mostly gorgeous to me. The writing is so solid and so sure-footed. I am inspired.

HUGE Congrats on 1st, Jan!!

I absolutely loooved this story. It had good humor and as I am pretty new to the whole FR thing I got a lot to learn from people like you.
"There was a sound like a sneaker pulling out of mud, and my mother produced the baby from under her blouse."

I love this description. :0) Very powerful use of the senses.

This was a great visit into the mind of a child who is faced with a new sibling.