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Until I read your footnote, I couldn't decide if this was science fiction, or historical fiction from a culture unknown to me. Just the right amount of native words salted in so as not to be distracting but instead adding to the "otherworldliess" of your story. Maybe a little weak on topic, but very well written and kept me engaged from beginning to end.
This is the kind of story that lingers in my heart. Really well done on all fronts.
Oh, how I love your atmospheric pieces! I never fail to learn from you, and to marvel at your extent of knowledge. I ached for this baby!
"In Jesus name," amen to that. Great piece. I always love the background work you do and the little clues you leave for us to research and be ministered to beyond the story. You don't waste a word, that's why I so enjoy your writing. God bless.
I always find that I must concentrate when reading your entries; they are so full of information.
Very good writing and special story.
Oh my, the English disease! - I've heard of rickets but I'm English and I'ver never heard it called that. I've just asked my wife and she hasn't either, maybe you Americans know something we don't.
Thanks for education us. Colin
Everyone agrees you're a fountain of information in your writing. This is a great entry and I hope you place high with it! Kudos!
Of all I have read of this weeks entries, this one has been the most interesting one to me. Very good writing!
I can only echo what Jan said. I am in awe. I love your pieces Ann. You are such a master storyteller. Awesome.
This just blew me away...amazing writing. Congrats, Ann.
WOW!!! Super writing and story telling. Congrats on your EC!