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I love these two guys. How funny. The whole time I knew you were setting me up for the punch line. Very good comedic timing:)
Oh man, I have a friend with a Victorian "torture house" in the winter, too. To sleep there, you have to keep waking up to warm your nose or else it would have frostbite in the morning! SO cold! I don't normally like to sleep with animals, but in her house, I almost bought doggie treats to LURE her dogs to bed with me...*shiver*. I could definitely relate to this story.
Great job, right on for topic, and a good laugh.
I enjoyed this fun read...and was mighty glad I didn't have to spend the night at Vicki's house.
I had fun "talking" like the men in my head as I read this. Even making the "hawker" sound. Great voice.
I know someone just like this...I can only hope its not catching or hereditary. Great job of telling this tale.
Hilarious! I'm so glad you went this route...this is perhaps my favorite this week. Love these guys, and you nailed the dialect.
Makes me think about the old two-story farmhouse I grew up in about a mile from where I now live. You could see the chickens under the house through the floorboards. Tin roof, never heard of insulation and my room was a LONG way from the Franklin stove we used in the kitchen. We're in the south, but it felt like we were in Alaska in that old cold house. It no longer stands.
Being an Englishman you lost me in the dialect but I plodded on and I think I understood some of it. Sorry I'm a simple guy.
I've just given it a second scan over and understand most of it - sorry. Remember you won the first prize for red ink on one of my pieces!
:) I totally enjoyed this descriptive writing about a northern, farmhouse in winter. I understood every bit of it! :) Your ending was great.. :) I was also kinda hoping they had an outhouse they had to visit in the middle of winter. :)
You've got the dialect right down pat. I know cuz I talk dat way! (kidding hehe)It's a great piece of writing and I chucked and giggled through it. Yer da best! Kudos!
Growing up in the Midwest--I certainly could relate. Early in my marriage we rented an old farmhouse with no upstairs heat--we bought a heating blanket. And I had to chuckle--I grew up in a subdivision called "Green Acres."
So this story made me smile as I pictured the scene unfolding. Great piece.
Great dialect and very funny entry. This was very entertaining! Well done!
giggle...sounds like our upstairs bedrooms!