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Grrr... I wanna know what happens next!

I love this kind of story... mystery, history, interesting characters... but I want MORE!

Great job!
The story drew me in and I wanted to follow through to see what it was all about. Somehow, I wish the "present day" part had been left out as it throws water on the suspense and somehow robs the story of its punch. Would like to read more of the original characters.

I was thinking this sounded very Nancy Drew-ish, and when Lacey was interrupted in her "daydream" by her mom, it was an "aha" moment. Would have been cool if she'd been writing in a notebook instead ;), but I loved it. And then she immediately goes back into her daydream. I see writing in this girl's future. Great job!
You did a great job of presenting a little daydreaming girl. I loved this.
I used to be "Lacey." Oh for the days when I had that much imagination. Good work.
Love it, Leah! The transition between daydream and reality is perfect!
Such varied writing in here - this is unique in my book - surely a gift that we all haven't got. Colin
Leah: I really liked this- great imagination...kind of threw me for a sec with the modern day interjection as I was so caught up in what was going on. Nicely done.
Oh fun I was so wrapped up in your story when the present hit! You get high marks in the creative department from me! :)
Very creative...I would like to be able to sit in on more of your MC's bouts of imagination. Very well written!
Loved it! Your imagination knows no bounds! Good job getting into the young girl's mindset. I really liked how the mother encouraged her imagination.
AWesome story!!! I loved the definitely was an "aha" moment...I, too, would love to know "the rest of the story."
Thanks by the way for your kind words about my story.