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So much in this story I related to from my young years commuting from farm country into Chicago to attend business school. It's called the Windy City for a reason. Well written story that is right on topic.
I love this story with its wonderful descriptions. It could serve as a model for writing atmosphere and the effects of setting. Your ending was delightful--a cup of Manhattan Chowder leading to a changed attitude.
I am one of those who would go to war to preserve the recipes for New England clam chowder and destroy those of Manhatten or New York clam chowder but this piece was so written I may have to re-think my position. **grin**

Very well done! It captures the taste, the smell, the texture, the look of winter and much more. Kudos!!!
A very tightly written, on subject piece that I truly enjoyed. Yes, you nailed the atmosphere, scenes. I could feel the cold, wet unpleasant weather and also enjoy the hearty, warm chowder. Nice touch with lady in deli.

Wonderfully atmospheric - felt like I was in Cabot Cove waiting for Jessica Fletcher to stop in and say hello and talk about her latest mystery. What a terrific way to spend the day.
Boy, that chowder sounds powerful enough to stop a few wars! Good story.
A wonderful exercise in atmosphere--even though I'm a New England clam chowdah gal, I really savored that last paragraph with your narrator.
Wonderfully dicriptive story telling. Excellant job.
This is good - very, very good - should do very well in the tallies, I hope now I've said it. All the best with it! Colin
Great descriptions (reminded me of Michigan...*blah*). You did a really nice job.
Oh wow Love your paragraph with "grouse over their carbon footprint" and "am not contributing today to the global warming problem". So very, very clever! I like how you describe the "impersonality of the city". You have such a masterful style of writing! I loved the ending, where you couldn't take the "country" out of your MC! (it gives me hope) :)
Ahh. I can feel myself thaw with the warm atmosphere at Cid's and the lovely Clam Chowder. I loved your humor, too.
You transported me to the winter of New York City. I felt the coldness of both the weather and passersby. Very well written!
Great setting and mood...

I want to know the rest of the story!!
Wonderful! And yummy! :)

*Huge* Congratulations, Dee! :)
Brrr, I felt your words down to my core. Very, very well done. Congrats on your EC!
I've never been to New York, but I could see it through the eyes of your MC. Loved the story... and especially loved the ending. Congrats on yuor EC placing.
Congrats on your level placing as well.
Congrats on your EC Dee! This is well-deserved! Love it!
Congratulations on your EC. I enjoyed the story. Super atmosphere and pace that kept us truging along with your MC to enjoy that lunch.
God bless.
Oh wow! I see how you got 2nd place. What an awesome entry! I especially love the last part. I was wondering why the mc would go out on such a cold day but by the end I understood. That human contact was so worth it. Great job!