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I really enjoyed this. An engaging insight into the old woman's thoughts and solid characterisation. 'gritted her dentures.' lol. Also liked that the face at the window was brown. yeggy
This story was outstanding for plot, character, and descriptions. It made me wonder what my guardian angel looks like.
Miracle became so real in this very entertaining story. Made me think how important it is to check on folks we know who live alone. Sadly, we live in a day and age where children pay for these services, but it is common.
Good take on the topic.
Love the connection between the crossword and the events of real life. Nicely done.
really liked this one! great job!
I like the "miracle" tie-in with the cross-word puzzle. I really enjoyed this!
A well written story with a supernatural happening - thanks for reminding us that things like this do happen.
I loved this! Could very easily imagine your main character.

The events of the last few paragraphs seemed just slightly out of seems as if she'd point out the spot, and THEN hear the crack and thud.

Excellent atmosphere and characterization.
A remarkably good story! I enjoyed every word!
Wonderful- loved every word. Congratulations on FIRST PLACE!!!
Wonderful story, and great for topic. I, too loved the tie in with the crossword. puzzle.
Wow, you painted a wonderful picture of this older woman and of her miracle. Congrats at getting first place!
Nice job! I loed that charatcerization of the older woman and loved how you had her doing a crosswood with the word meaning phenomenom and then of course the face in the window. At first I thought maybe it would be a child in need and wondered how it was going to turn out. I hadn't looked at your title enough and then when I saw that the little face was that of her angel of protection, wow! What a great fitting title and ending, again nice job and congrats hon. God bless you!!
Ha, when I went to write my comment my fingers went off in another direction I think as you can see so many typos in my comment.:0) Yay on your first place though-well deserved.:0)) This was a refreshing piece with a suprise ending.:0)
Great story with a surprise ending. Congrats on the first place!!!!
A great story from start to finish! Congrats on First place on level and EC. Well deserved!
Well done! Love the inclusion of the crossword puzzle.

Huge Congratulations on your 1st Place win!! :)
Great to see you back in the challenge, Sandra, and congrats on 1st place. Great story, I enjoyed being drawn along, guessing how it would end. You surprised me. :-)

BTW, did you get my email last week? If not, can you send me an updated email address?
Congratulations! Always love a story with a miracle. Nice clue you gave us midstream with the crossword to keep us intrigued. God bless.
I really enjoyed your story.
I was just reading about you in the Faithwriter's Blog and hurried over to see this winning entry. It's superb! You have an amazing talent for capturing character succinctly and surreptitiously. This little gem captivated me and inspires me to want to write like this. Well done.