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A sincere tribute to those who make our winter roads a bit safer. Nicely done.
Glad to share Joe's truck in keeping the roads safe. You did a good job of showing the heart of a dedicated worker.
The perspective was unusual—and that set the story apart. Hurrah for the salt truck operators.
"Growing up in Michigan"--we KNOW about those roads, don't we?

As far as spicing it up...maybe a climactic moment where it's obvious that his work has averted a tragedy?

The writing and characterization are dandy, and I enjoyed reading this!
A good interesting solid story. I felt almost as though I was in the cab viewing the important work. Thanks
I had read it a couple times earlier this week. To me, it's a simple story that is on topic and very telling of the MC. What it lacked in suspense it offered in day-to-day truth.
I enjoyed it.
During my midwest years, I always felt sorry for the road crews during winter storms. You've given us an eye-opening glimpse into their life. I have greater respect, now.
It's a good and solid entry. Don't be too hard on yourself. I think you'll be surprised how high you place with this one, and rightly so! Kudos!
I love the smooth easy pace that eases through this worker's stressful day.
A smooth read that glides along nicely!
I love it! I think it has that every-man feel to it that I like. I truly enjoyed going through this man's day. If you do want to spice it up a bit, expand on one or two of those "oh-no-in-the-ditch" scenarios. (Maybe when he was on the icy road--that road had me tense--like I was actually driving there!)I could feel the stress in this man's shoulders as he tried very hard to do the right thing for the citizens.
Your story put me on pins and needles, anticipating an accident that Joe fortunately prevented! Most of us have ordinary jobs that sometimes feel like drudgery. This story is a beautiful illustration of how important some of our monotonous tasks really are. Beautiful word pictures. I could see the snowy roads and feel winters cold chill.
I could picture the icy streets and feel the MC's tension and desire for drivers to be safe. Great descriptions and well written!
Hey, super congrats on your EC!!