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Your article caught my attention because of the German title. It is a good article but I did want to tell you that your use of "Sie liegen" is not correct. "Liegen" means to "lie - as in lie down" You need to use "Luegen" instead, which means to "tell a lie".
It's an easy mistake to make! But thank you for the story. I hope you continue writing it.
Your story was a visible reminder of how a spark of humanity can light the darkness. I liked especially your characterization of the old man.
I liked the fact than an unlikely alliance formed between two enemies--with survival in common. Very well done.
Thanks for augmenting a barely-imaginable scenario (for us) with a tangible sense of acceptance and forgiveness.
Well done.
Stories about war always sadden me, but I liked the message within that spoke of faith. God can use any circumstance to test us and grow us. Good job.
War-story horrors. Yours is well written and pulls at the heart. Enjoyed this entry.
Compelling story with strong sense of place and believable characters. I would have liked you to flesh out the converation that was developing between the two characters, rather than a paragraph of facts, though. :-) yeggy
What a masterful telling of a story of unlikely friendship and salvation wrapped in an environment of bitter war. Outstanding.
Sehr Gut! Ochen Hahrasho! (My best high school German and pigeon Russian for Very Good!)
Wonderful story and congrats on your EC!