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This beautiful narrative poem shows so well a mother's love and God's grace. I love the pictures that raced through my mind with the telling of the story.
Love the titleand the poem that followed.
I was so enthralled with the story, I quickly read through, then when back and read again to savor each stanza. Love it!
What a well-done poem and a wonderful story to boot.
The title drew me in and I'm so glad it did. This poetic story is filled with perfection in rhyme, meter, message, imagery and entertainment. With God, nothing is impossible!
Loved the easy flow to this poem and God's answer to a small (really) prayer. Gotta send this to my mom, Norma - who came from a family of 7 kids and lived during the depression on a farm in North Dakota. Good job!
Nicely told with a catchy title. Mind you, I had to go back to the start to remember what it all had to do with Spring. But a good story of faith and providence.
God is in the details! He loves to give His children gifts that are special--just to them. Beautiful reminder of His love for us!
Heartwarming story.
I love this touching story, and best of all, you told it in rhyme.

It reminds me a little bit of Dolly Partons' "Coat of Many Colors."

God does provide, doesn't He?

Two thumbs up.
Dear Friend, (Even before reading the Dolly Parton comment above, I was thinking what a neat ballad this would be, set to music. Hmmmm. Maybe you should send it to Dolly!) The message of your poem is simply wonderful. Isn't that just like our precious heavenly Father, delighting to give us the desires of our hearts!
Heartwarming tale , told with just the right sweetness. Love it.
It was pure pleasure to read your story. Even better knowing it was true. Just wonderful!
YAY for praying moms! :)

I love the way you wrote this. Heartwarming and Inspiring. Wonderful.

I too can hear it set to music. It reminded me of "Coalminer's Daughter" by Loretta Lynn. :)

Sweet story/poem of a mama's heart and God's provision.Enjoyed reading it.
Nice, easy rhythm. Great story. Love the title too. No surprise that the brown dress turned green, I mean, after all, the Father invented colours, didn't He :-)
I love this! How wonderfully God provides for us. The rhythm of this poem is just right.

One small typo: And as she watched the color leave the dress, she was surprised.
Wonderful poetic tale of God's provision. It's so neat how God not only provides our needs but many times throws in our wants...just because He can! Nicely done!
This story poem brought tears to my eyes. It was rather reminiscent of those times of old when our mothers went to work and created things out of "nothing." I can remember the dress I wore my first day of school. Mom made it from a printed flour sack. Your poem is marvellous. You are a talented poet...Helen
I am in awe of your talent...what a beautiful story told with such perfectly chosen words. Loved it!
Gorgeous! A heartwarming story that's as fun to read as it is inspiring.
This read like a ballad and I thoroughly enjoyed the story it told! Wonderfully written.
Gave me goosebumps reading this wonderful tale of God's provisions. I loved it, it's excellently done and I'm so glad it had a happy ending.
Very creative, good meter and rhyme as well. Congrats on your win and on being able to create many stanzas that still do the poetry justice.
Congratulations! So thrilled for you to shine on EC again with this beautiful poem, dear special Friend!