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Hilarious! I love Mari's 'aha' moment. :) Love it!
Well, Tennyson had been a young man at some point in his life, after all. Good story.
Good title for this clever story. Looks like Tennyson was right after all.
And women continue to compete with sports til their dying day...
Oh, excuse me. Got carried away.
Very nice story of spring love.
I LOVE LOVE this line: you need to take yourself down there so you can snag yourself a testosterone-laden, baseball-playing, spring-loving young man."

Oh...and I liked the MC's name. ;)
I liked the idea of dating being prohibited for the first two terms. Made for some excellent tension as spring fever gripped the campus.
You write so effortlessly! How do you do it? And the title is so perfect that you should place high on that alone! Great job! Kudos!
Great title. I love the inclusion of Tennyson in this piece. Fun! Clever, too. :)

Nicely done.
totally cheesy and predictable or not, I loved this story. Well written, so smooth and effortless. Well done.
Very well seems effortless. A very enjoyable entry. Well done!