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This is a very sweet story. This is truly a man of God. Awesome work.
Wonderful story.
This is one of my favorites this week. The details so clear and the analogy well done and Ben, a character I really admire.
You drew me into the longing of the MC. Told with just the right touch of sorrow, pain, angst, questioning. Leaving it "unsettled"...just brilliant.
Oh my. This is so tenderly written I felt like I was trespassing on hallowed ground. I wanted to whisper or just be quiet watching it take shape. Very good job,indeed! Many, many kudos!
Gorgeous, gorgeous descriptive writing. Marvelous "place." Real.

I was sort of hoping that Ben would figure out that he could be more nurturing, giving and warm himself, instead of just waiting for Martha to "heat up." :)

I'm a country girl so I love the homeyness here and the nod to wholesome farm living. Enjoyed this very much.
"But with a little work and a season of patience, the maple would generously yield."

Because of this line My mind's eye carried the story further to a happy ending!

Good job.
Sorry. Sorry.

I read this again and although I saw it the first time .. It registered the second time...Had he treated her wrong somehow, not loved her as she needed? Lord help me show her how precious she is.

And a few other hints. Forgive me for being too quick to comment. :(

Okay. So now I am totally, completely in love with Ben :) and love this story even more.

I'm going to go read it again. :) Yummy!
Beautiful. I loved the line, waiting out the winter and the timing of the reward for the sap. I could picture everything.
Awww! I love the romantic strains in there, it's just enough and so neatly written, I am there with Bill and hoping that his Martha comes through just fine for the spring. Simply delightful read!
Excellent writing. You have me hoping that Ben will continue to hold on to his loved one. Nicely done!
Diana! So glad you are a part of FW, so I can get to know you and read your wonderful words.

Beautiful. Beautiful. And so tenderly written.

Congrats on your EC, my friend!
Glad that one of my favorites turned out to be one of my "favorite's"! Congratulations
I've read this over several times and I don't understand how you managed to write this on such short notice. You did a fantastic job with details and setting and even a little humor. (mouths bigger than their minds. lol) It is the best I have read in a long time. Kudos on your win.
Amazing writing Di! YOu had me there walking with Ben, feeling his pain of regret as he prayed for his wife. Had he been unkind, neglected her? I love, love, love it.

Had I been judging (lol), I'd have given it high marks. I'm glad they agreed.